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    Get Results with Fax Marketing

    Would it be an overstatement to suggest that fax marketing is the best thing since sliced bread?  We don't think so...

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    Marketing Strategy ChoicesA successful marketing strategy comes in many parts - just like a great meal!  Speak to our strategy experts for your recipe!

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    B2B Fax MarketingThere are many roads that lead to the same place.  Some advertising gets us there faster, cost  effectively and with less hassle


What is faxIt’s a direct marketing channel which allows you to get your product or service in front of decision makers quickly, cheaply and cost effectively.

Fax marketing has been around for a long time; in fact before Google existed! So you could say that marketing by fax has certainly stood the test of time and for good reasons too – it has got results for thousands of Australian businesses and continues to do so every day. Will you add your name to the list of successes?

In a nutshell, faxing is just another way of promoting your business but with the added benefit that it’s cheaper than an email campaign or direct mail campaign when you compare volumes of marketing output and quality.

Fax for Business

If you've been looking for ways to market online you aren't alone – society is dominated by online presence in an ever increasing fashion. Imagine, in 50 or more years there'll be no such thing as paperless offices – it’s more likely to be paperless countries. Hooray for saving the rain forests! 

Too often new businesses focus their attention on digital media and neglect traditional methods of advertising, and although digital media is of high importance so too are the traditional methods such as: hard copy newsletters, magazine adverts, billboards, direct mail, oh and fax marketing as well (nearly forgot that one, doh!)

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get your product or service in front of other businesses and avoid the digital noise, our fax broadcast service could be the missing component in your marketing strategy.

B2B Marketing Solutions

Fax marketing is perfectly suited for business to business because you can specify your target market quickly and easily, and then communicate to that market a message offering something they need. 

Does marketing by fax work for every business every time? Nope, some businesses just can’t get any benefit from marketing by fax no matter how much creative genius is thrown at it - if you are an undertaker or candlestick maker please, save yourself some time and don't call us! On the other hand we deal with many Australian businesses daily who get outstanding results from low to medium send volumes.

If you aren't sure if fax marketing is right for your business why not ask us – if it’s not right we’ll tell you! You can call us on 1800 808 232 or if its outside business hours just fill in the contact form and we’ll call you.

Your Fax Solution

The very essence of fax marketing is speed, so in keeping with this fundamental we like to keep things simple (and fast). There’s no point having a board meeting to discuss this, just make the decision to give fax marketing a try and we’ll run through a 4 step process which goes from decision through to sales enquiries!

4 steps to more sales leads and better ROI:

  1. We'll help you to isolate your target market and who you should be communicating to. Of course if you already know who your market is and what they want we’ll just slide right onto step 2.
  2. Create the right message and make sure this message is strong enough to impinge on your target market. If you want to design something yourself with a little guidance from us that’s fine, or you can have access to our expert design team if you like.
  3. We’ll send out your marketing message to thousands of people
  4. You enjoy the sound of your sales team being busy!

This all starts with one simple phone call, just call us on 1800 808 232 even if you aren't sure if fax marketing can work for your particular line of business – it’ll take 5 minutes of your time, so what have you got to lose?

Ring, ring!

Not picked up the phone yet? Why not check out these case studies or these testimonials of Aussie businesses who have been highly successful with fax marketing. We’re still here and we're waiting for your call…


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