On many websites you will hear from the companies about the amazing things they have achieved for their clients and we were tempted by this self praise format too!  However we decided what might be best would be to give you some examples of clients who have had great response rates from their fax marketing.  That way you can make up your own mind based on real scenarios and real results!

If you wish to make contact with our clients please call us and we will furnish you with their details!  

Tanya, our Sales Manager, received a telephone call one Thursday morning.  It was from a frustrated Business Owner who was looking for a fast and cost efficient method of driving sales enquiries to his team.  Tanya spent about half an hour talking to Mark and discovered as much about his business as she could.  She learnt he owns a Solar Installation company based in Victoria.  Mark had tried a couple of different advertising and marketing mediums but just couldn't find that sweet spot that would really get the phone ringing.

He had never tried fax blasting and was unsure as to it's success although he couldn't fail but notice the faxes from other solar companies coming through on his business fax line.

During their conversation it was decided to do a carpet bomb approach but within the specific areas that his business has traditionally promoted their product and he was delighted to hear he could get his first fax out the following Monday.

The design that Mark chose was crisp, clear and straight to the point - one designed to make the phone ring and at 9 am Monday morning the faxes began transmitting. By 10.15 am 15 000 faxes had been successfully sent and Mark had already received telephone enquiries.  By midday he had received over 20 enquiries and was too busy dealing with these to discuss with Tanya how it had gone!

On Wednesday we transmitted a further 5000 faxes and by 3 pm that afternoon they had received over 40 enquiries in total with many of these converting to appointments.

Finally on the Friday morning Tanya caught up with Mark and was delighted to hear of their success! From the 40 + enquiries they had converted 32 to appointments and of those Mark was confident they would convert 60 - 70% into sales.  He couldn't believe how easy it had been and needless to say booked an ongoing campaign to make sure he capitalises on what is clearly his most successful venture into advertising and marketing to date!

Jane Gorman from Melbourne Letterbox
runs a small but 
successful business delivery leaflets in the Ascot Vale and surrounding area.  She contacted Prospect   Marketing as she wanted an easy way to promote her business to a new audience and had heard about faxing.

Initially Jane wasn't entirely convinced fax broadcasting was the way to go but decided to do a test and measure and so our designers put together a creative for her which was intended to entice prospects to call her. The first transmission date was organised and Jane committed to do four transmissions over an eight week period in order that she could give it a fair go.

The first week she received some interest but wasn't particularly inspired and started to doubt her decision.  By the third transmission she had stopped asking if the broadcast had gone - she knew it had because her telephone was ringing!

Jane was particularly pleased that the fax was acting as a reminder to her existing clients and received telephone calls from people she had done business with before but hadn't had the opportunity to maintain contact with.  They saw her fax, remembered the great service she had given them and called to re-book! As well as these reminded clients she regularly picks up 2 or 3 new clients each time the fax goes out - not bad from such a small investment - around $175 per transmission.

Melbourne Letterbox have now ben sending faxes out every two weeks for over 6 months and Jane remains delighted with the results!







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