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New Years MarketingWelcome to 2014 and the year of your business success!

Whether you're one for resolutions or not, lets be honest we still need marketing plans and strategies for the year, and what better time to get one together than January.  

For most businesses it can be said that January is a slow time right up to to Australia Day - this should give you some breathing space to be able to plan out your marketing for this year.

I thought i'd kick off the first article for this year with a few points on where marketing guru's think you should be focusing your attention...

Firstly lets refresh ourselves an old term that's been around for a number of years "Inbound Marketing".  The meaning of inbound marketing is simply that you attract prospects as opposed to such things as PR and advertising - it focuses more on marketing.  If there was ever a prime example of inbound marketing it would have to be hands down, Social Media!  There's also blogging and SEO.  By creating valuable content that your ideal customers would need, when they need it you attract hot prospects into your business, then the regular tried and trusted sales procedure of takes over.  So, what's the big difference?  Well, instead of jumping up and down saying "here i am" you say "here's something useful you need".  

Now we've refreshed on the basics of inbound marketing lets take up those points i promised:

Become mobile orientated.  Lets face it, mobiles are in all of our lives and just to confirm the breadth, someone someplace came up with a new phobia "nomophobia" which apparently means "no mobile phone phobia".  Consumers are using mobiles for everyday activities such as general web browsing, internet banking and reading emails not to mention interaction with apps.

Be flexible.  With the up-trend of mobile devices ensuring your website is responsive and flexible ensures that your content is delivered to your audience effectively.  We noticed in our own web stats that around 2% of the traffic we receive is from a mobile device, though its reported worldwide to be on average around 18%.

Focus inwards without being an introvert.  Invest some resources into getting blogs written and SEO implemented on your website, have guest writers create articles on your website and email out newsletters to your existing customers.  Keep your social media channels rolling along with daily updates of relevant and useful content and don't forget to review the content periodically to ensure the content you are putting out isn't just garbage.

Understand your customers.  Its all very well attracting new prospects, but your existing customers can offer you a great insight into why they buy from you.  So a little time spent digging into their demographics will save time when you want to segment your marketing activities.

Get a face-lift.  Since your website is your digital ambassador make sure it's appealing to your target market and of course easy to navigate.  A few dollars spent improving the visual appeal of your site can reap huge rewards down the line if it means visitors actually visit another page on your site.  Too often a visitor lands on your home page and exits within 30 seconds, if this is happening to you its advisable to survey your target market and find out what really makes them tick and look at what your competitors are doing then get your site redesigned.

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