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Sell more on Valentines DayLove is in the air this week as most prepare themselves to woo their partners or attract one. Can businesses do the same or is that considered a corny stunt? Well lets be honest most businesses need a bit of leg up (no pun intended!) so why not capitalize on known and celebrated days. A case in point is the 2013 Ikea advert ran in newspapers which offered a free cot for babies born on 14th November clearly indicating that the baby needs to be concieved on Valentines day. It's a clever advert because it solves a problem the parents would face - they would need to buy a cot at some point and it also gets people in through the door - have you ever been to Ikea and bought only one item?...

Here's some tips on how you can capitalize on Valentines day:

1. Send your existing customers a gift.

You don't need to send high value gifts, flowers or chocolates would suffice and you could even weight the value of gift against how valuable the customer is. But whatever you send put a personal message on it from the assigned account manager - what you are doing is showing that you care.

2. Offer a discount to people whom you have quoted but not yet bought.

It's not always advisable to resort to discounts as it cheapens your product or service and makes it less valuable, but if you position in such a way that it's a one time offer to show how much you care about their business it will sit much better and the prospect is less likely to think its easy to get discounts from you.

3. Create a "Share the love" referral program with an incentive for valid referred customers.

Referrals are extremely valuable because the referrer is doing all the leg work, all you need to do is have a good enough incentive for the referrer to make it worth their while.

4. Wish people a happy valentines day.

This is more of a PR action, but can be done for free by pushing the message out on social media channels.

5. Give your staff some time off!

Set a high but achievable target for your staff with the deal that they can go home at X o'clock if EVERYONE makes their individual targets. This is great for team building as well since the early leaving time is based purely on a team exercise.

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