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Ad-hoc designs can be disastrous for your branding image because you lose the familiarity aspect which your customers come to expect.

Building a strong brand image takes time, persistence and planning – it’s not something you do over night.  

The whole idea of branding is that you should make all of your marketing material and outward faxing literature have a consistent look and feel to it.

As a basic starting point you should consider the following:

  1. Adopt some "company colours"
  2. Put your logo in the same or similar place on each marketing piece
  3. Use a similar layout
  4. Choose a couple of fonts and use them consistently for example headlines are all in x font, sub headings in y font and body in z font.
  5. If your company name doesn't suggest what your products or services are, use a tag line.  Without mentioning the company names here are a couple which you will be familiar with: "is my store", "just do it", "the burgers are better".

In today's modern world your website is of prime interest when adopting brand styles.  You can use your website as a starting point then design the rest of the marketing to fit this, of course you aren't going to match the layout of the website on a flyer and probably shouldn't.  However, the colour scheme from your website and fonts are your link to branding.  

In an ideal scenario a recipient of your flyer should be able to identify without too much trouble that your website has a similar feel.

If you package products and or have documentation for those products you should be looking at making this align to your brand style as well.  

It’s all about making a familiarity with your company!

When we design faxes we take care to ensure that your branding is used in the design.  Designing a fax is considerably different than lets say a flyer or a magazine, even professional designers plying their trade for years can struggle putting together a successful fax design.  

The key to a successful fax design is simplicity, for example since its black and white you have to use contrast to create an eye trail opposed to colours.

A successful marketing campaign includes many channels which reach out to your target market, and fax marketing drives in business quickly.  If you want to strengthen your brand image and have more prospects literally contacting you then fax marketing is a marketing channel you shouldn't ignore! 

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