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Checking out FacebookMobile, mobile mobile.  Really, who doesn't own a mobile phone nowadays?

I recently passed a 7 year old child texting a friend and it occurred to me the breadth of the mobile market, which also got me thinking with regard to how we market to this massive group of consumers and businesses alike.

Here are four key interest points business marketing managers should incorporate into their strategy to help their brand awareness and to "connect" with their customers...

1. Timing.  

Mobile devices are personal items and smartphones are definitely connected to both personal and professional life.

The ideal time to send an SMS is when your customer is most likely to buy, which is oddly enough just before or during peak shopping times. Sending an SMS between 9pm and 11am is just bad form - most people are asleep. Also, don't forget Australia has 3 main time zones!  

Similarly with emails the statistically suggested "best time" to send emails is actually 2pm on a Friday - but as a rule of thumb keep your emails within business hours and test response rates yourself.

2. Email.  

Since the advent of smartphones we find that a large proportion of consumers interact with their email via their phones.  So the key point here is to make sure any emails sent display correctly and are optimized for mobile devices.

3. Videos.  

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines along side the household name - Google.  Video interaction is a way of getting your message across to your customers easily, so include video links in your email or SMS to help engage your target market.

4. Relevance.  

Make things relevant to your customers by keeping abreast of both local and national news and events.  Not only will this give you another chance to engage your customers but will also make your marketing more dynamic.

Keep focused

Mobile marketing may be another way you can get your business ahead of the game, but don't neglect your other marketing channels either. Continue to operate on the tried and trusted methods you've been relying on rather than throwing your entire budget into something you can't guarantee results from.

I'm not talking about being scared to try new things - on the contrary i'm all for trying new marketing methods. Just keep focused on your goal and remember you are trying to get a better foothold, so anything that assists that goal is some to invest in.


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