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Market with PR PositioningOK, we've all seen the battle between the two German car giants Audi and BMW on TV, billboards or YouTube, but what's really obvious is the cleverness behind their campaigns. The reason behind why the adverts are so successful boils down to two mechanics: firstly the adverts are simple and secondly the use of PR positioning.  

Simplicity is a beautiful thing and definitely so in advertising, you say exactly what is needed in the shortest space of time all wrapped in a pleasing an aesthetic manner.  Sometimes advertisers get stuck into the idea that they have to cram as much information as they can into the recipient, but the stark truth is that you'll get much more response from the recipient if you get straight to the point.  A case in point are fragrance commercials, do they tell you what they smell of, how much they cost or advise any benefits - no!  The adverts use positive suggestions to convey that you can feel like the cool and sexy models you see on screen, its just aesthetic simplicity.  It's not even a brand thing because new line fragrances by people you've not heard of follow the same pattern as the more well known vendors...  

Both Audi and BMW have recently struck lucky with an ultra simple approach, their adverts don't tell you how economical the fuel usage is or the luggage capacity, there's no hint of specifications and certainly no mention of price.  So why does it work?  The ads are simple and the cars look nice - seems obvious really doesn't it.  But how can you utilize this in your marketing endeavors?  Let's get our heads out the cloud for a moment and realize that our products and brand just doesn't have the same weight as Audi or BMW, don't despair though - all is not lost...  The lesson to take away here is that when you are next putting together a promotional campaign just stop and look, figure out what information you can take out and which words, phrases or concepts could be replaced with a graphic.  Keep looking at what you've produced and ask yourself the question: "Does this communicate all i need to say in order to create interest in the shortest amount of time?"

As simple as these adverts are, they are very well thought through and the true reason why they work is much more complicated - the advertising guru's responsible are using PR positioning to create a difference between each others products.  At first glance you could say that Audi or BMW are positioning themselves away or against each other in a negative fashion, and there would be some sense of reasoning there.  Though, if you really scrutinize their adverts you'll see the positioning is actually above.  For instance a recent billboard from Audi read "Your pawn is no match for our king", the response from BMW was just simply "Checkmate".  Both companies are vying for the top spot so position themselves above the other in order to demonstrate their leadership.

You don't need to have a degree in advertising to start making use of PR positioning, but you do need a bit of time and even a few dollars for research.  To get as good as the car giants will take some time but get started on it today by looking at your range of products and services and figuring out how these can be compared to your competitors offerings, avoid a head to head battle like Audi and BMW - marketing law is a minefield and besides its just bad practice to bad-mouth someones products and services.  Try and figure out what difference you have to your competitors that is going to be of benefit to your customers, then position your products towards the customers desires.

Don't be put off by the enormity of the industry leaders and their marketing budgets - sometimes slow and steady wins the race!

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