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Keeping your head above water, prospects contacting you to buy and existing clients returning for more is probably the basic aim of all business owners.  

For some this comes easy and to others it’s a constant struggle from one catastrophe to another.  

This week we’ll have a look at one of the key ingredients in the success of any business – Marketing.

Marketing has a strange observable phenomenon, if you neglect it you’ll wind up shrinking your business one way or another.  This sounds obvious doesn't it? But is it really?

Though if it really were that obvious then we’d all be increasing the quantity of marketing we are doing, and yet we hear of business closing on a daily basis. If you've just started out then marketing is the lifeblood of your business since this is how people are going to know you are there – sure you know where you are and so do your friends but what about the big wide world, they don’t!

If your business has been established for a good length of time it is still just as imperative to market your wares as if you are the new kid on the block.

Remember the difference between marketing and advertising?  We talked briefly about it in the marketing section, but to recap marketing is everything an organization does to build relations between the company and its clients and prospects.  You need to advertise for sure, but that’s only a part of marketing.  We find that a significant percentage of our clients typically overlook the full benefits of marketing and for a good reason too – Madison Avenue would have us believe the two terms are interchangeable; they’re not!

If you've made some ground in the world of business you are probably aiming to maintain your position, if not improve it.  Now, it would be a hasty and shallow statement to outwardly say you need to increase your marketing but nonetheless it is actually true.  

No business stands still, it expands or contracts if you walked away from your business today do you think it would expand or contract – I’m putting my money on contract.  So you have a positive impact then!  What do you think your positive impact is?  I’m really not a gambling person, but again I’m putting my money on ideas!  

So far it sounds like I’m wandering on a tangent doesn't it?  So, let’s piece things together then – if marketing is building relations between you and clients it’s the vehicle or method of interchange, and the vehicles carries… your ideas in an easily assimilable form.

If you want to maintain your position in business you need to maintain and increase your marketing.  If the likes of Coca-Cola et al continually increase their marketing they must be doing it for a reason right?  

Get those prospects before your competitor does!

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