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Christmas TreeChristmas is a wonderful time in Australia – the sun is shining, summer is in full swing and you get to spend some good quality time with friends and families.

What’s not to love about Christmas?  

If I listed a couple of things the one that surely hits the top of the list is the down-trend in sales.  This of course mainly affects small businesses in B2B markets that have to pay staff over the Christmas period, which lets be honest starts mid December through to the end of January.  

So, for some Christmas is a time for enjoyment, but for those small business owners it’s a double edged sword because at the back of the enjoyment is always the stress of trying to maintain cash flow over the period and the mammoth task of getting sales revenue back to normal as fast as possible in January.

Nobody can cancel Christmas – that would just be wrong on so many levels, but something needs to be done to help small businesses survive.

One way to achieve this would be to drive in as much business before December which would cover the bills, in addition to having a thorough marketing plan worked out and implemented BEFORE Christmas so that come January the sales just roll with minimum stress.

I'm pretty sure that most people know that marketing works best when you run it as a campaign.  If you didn't then you can take it on good authority that it does!  Moving swiftly on, the time to start thinking about Christmas is NOW – your thoughts have to start being directed to safeguarding yourself over the Christmas period, so get started with your "Operation Christmas" marketing plan now – if you need help just give me a call and I can help reduce the stress!

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