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Do people really still use fax machines?  YES!

A fax machine is one of those things that is an apparent requisite to an office, though in modern times a greater percentage of people use fax an electronic fax service they still have one.

Fax machines have been around for a very long time, much longer than email marketing and in its own sphere is a very effective form of marketing.  But why?

Someone has to pick up the fax and decide what to do with it – bin it or read it. 

If your design is good and follows some basic design guidelines then your "open rate" is far higher than that of an over burdened email inbox!

If you have a phenomenal marketing budget then email marketing is great – you can get your message to new prospects, but in Australia email marketing is better utilized as a customer retention tool.

Fax marketing is best used as a customer acquisition tool and the best part of this is that the ROI out performs almost any other medium.

Faxing still works because its simple; choose a few suburbs if you want local business or just go national then put together an offer and send it out.  That’s it!  The turnaround time is low as well, plus if you need to update the offer that’s a quick change too – a luxury that direct mail does not offer.

A full formed marketing strategy should include fax marketing because of its fast and immediate response – it gets the phones ringing quickly if your offer is right and its targeted at the right people.  

You might not be able to teach old dogs new tricks, but who needs new tricks anyway!  If it’s not broke then don’t fix it!

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