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If you keep an eye on SEO advancements you’ll be well aware of Google’s ranking algorithms and the new update released a few weeks back – Penguin 2.0.

For those of you who think pandas and penguins belong in the zoo the short story is that Google use methods to determine how a site ranks; they give these methods code names for one reason or another – the current one is Penguin and it’s on its second revision now.  The goal of Penguin is to reduce web spammers trying to unnaturally get to the top of the rankings.

When Penguin 2.0 was released there were a number of sites which fell dramatically in rank most of these happened to be adult sites and game sites.  Strangely though the heaviest hit site was Salvation Army!

One size fits all just really isn't possible with the web due to its diversity, so creating an algorithm which intends to help is likely to also hinder some valid sites as well.

The world renowned chef Heston Blumenthal recommends cooking a roast chicken low and slow, the same can be said for good SEO.  Trying to jump the rankings is exactly what Google are trying to stop, so if you are growing steadily with long term SEO plans you are likely to not be affected by Penguin 2.0 or future revisions either.

How do you avoid getting penalized by Google?  Your best bet is to hire a reputable SEO firm to do the work for you – if the price is low you are most likely to get a poor service with SEO techniques not exactly fitting to Google’s imposed standards.  You should look for a firm with a track record and maybe even speak to some of their clients if possible to do so.

Thinking of saving some cash and going it alone in the ever-changing world of SEO?  Just remember this word – NATURAL.  That’s the key focus of Google, make content for users NOT for search engines!

Good luck!


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