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Oh, the magic of Christmas. Gorgeous food, the warmth of friends and family and more importantly the gift of giving.

Are you missing the childhood feeling of Christmas magic yet?

Sadly the magic of Christmas just isn't what it used to be for us "oldies" - in times gone by we would eagerly anticipate the arrival of a particular over-weight man who would come bearing gifts.  However, in this day and age we find that the only over-weight item in our Christmas gift collection is the staff salaries, especially when compared to the sales figures!

Bah humbug I hear you exclaim! But wait, Christmas is not only a time for gifts but also a time to reflect and think of those less fortunate than yourself - isn't it...

Magic or Misery?

Christmas could be either (or both), it just depends on who you ask. If you ask me I'd probably say both because I do embrace the spirit of Christmas whilst also thinking that the almost stagnant B2B market over the Christmas period accounts for many a business failing to survive into the New Year.

Of course I could harp on about the difficulties that the Christmas period is for businesses, and to some degree it would alleviate some of the angst. But truth be told Christmas is a wonderful time of year for families, plus it's summer time so all is not lost hey!

The future's bright, the future's marketing

Some business sectors boom in the Christmas period such as accommodation, restaurants and of course you guessed it - retail. The B2B sector does suffer though, that is without doubt. Is there anything that can be done?

Short of cancelling Christmas which is a very bad idea indeed the best thing a business can do is to get a Christmas plan drawn up early in the year and get it completed. I'm talking about things which are going to bring in extra revenue before the big shutdown.

In the fax marketing industry the normal wind-down period seems to start after the Melbourne Cup and doesn't really pick up until after Australia Day - that's a mighty long time to pay staff salaries without getting any income!

You've quite possibly got a fire plan for evacuation, so why not have a Christmas plan to help your business survive. I think the key to getting through is just plain and simple - make more money in November and December!  Get some marketing out now and get the sales in.

Too many businesses fail because they fail to market, don't be one of them!

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you!

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