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What an exciting week!

We've just acquired a 33% stake in a video studio, which means we can now further help businesses market themselves on YouTube or Vimeo!

So, to me it makes sense to dedicate this week to the subject of videos and marketing.

So, what’s all the fuss about videos?  You've probably heard or attended keynote seminars proffering the use of videos on your website and how it affects your site rankings and traffic, and without a doubt having well optimized video on your web pages means that your site is 53 times more likely than a traditional web page to reach page one status in the organic search results.  

Why is this?

Well, Google is the most used search engine and YouTube is the second most used search engine getting around 3 billion views per day and since Google bought YouTube they pretty much own the stakes for search engines!  As Google are focusing on video if you don’t have any you are losing out!  Besides the play button is now the most compelling call to action on the internet so you should make sure you have one.

Viewers like information delivered on demand and like watching short online videos about a service, product or expertise as it is much preferable to watch a video than trawl through pages of text.

Two thirds of all online video is watched during office hours and online videos are now far more than  small funny movie clips for lunchtime amusement - they can potentially attract vast audiences and if well planned, designed and executed, they are exceptionally powerful tools that communicate, influence and persuade.  This makes videos an incredibly powerful sales tool and when someone lands on your website, if there’s a video they are more likely to stay longer.

Video helps to engage customers with your brand, creates a consistent message and can make a lasting impression. There’s nothing like a video to give potential customers a precise indication of what you have to offer. If you provide valuable and useful content to your potential customers they will trust and value your services. People trust what they see.

Keeping ahead of the competition is a never ending endeavour and anything you can do to keep prospects heading to your door is a good thing.  Once you’ve got them though you need to convince them your product or service is the one they need.  Video will assist your marketing and your sales if it’s done right of course!



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