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I'm Act NowWaiting for the Government to change!

I almost fell over laughing when I over-heard a client state his reason for postponing a promotional campaign as; "I’m waiting for the Government to change". Being a passionate believer in the power of marketing, of course I’d never advise a business to halt a promotional campaign for anything but a world ending cataclysm. 

But holding off a campaign to wait for hell to freeze over or for some political utopia to suddenly come about, did strike a chord of cynical amusement in me I’ll admit.

But my amusement was cut short when this week when we witnessed what was probably one of the biggest changes in Government I've seen, at least while I’ve been following Australian Politics any how.  But hey what do I know?!...

I’ll stick to what I do know I guess, which certainly isn't Aussie party politics. 

I know that tried and tested, routine promotion should go out come hell or high water, or Julia Gillard's political demise. 

I know that the size of a business’s prospect list, and the number of things sent to it is the biggest factor in determining that business’s income. Kevin Rudd's poll ratings are not. 

I know that Marketing is never an expense or luxury when done right, no matter what the economic state of the nation.  

I know that the biggest mistake I've seen businesses make is attempting to cut back on their successful promotional campaigns to “save a few bucks”. Actually, I don't see many governments making that mistake now as I think about it! 

Wouldn't life be a dream for the pollies if federal politics had such clearly defined "natural laws" as marketing!

Any hoo I know a few other things about marketing and promotion too so feel free to ask me something challenging!


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