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Engaging with Social MediaThe future of marketing is changing in favor of social based interactions, the question to pose now then would be "Is it for the better?". Social media reigns supreme in the field of marketing and advertising budgets, there are those who use social media and almost always swear by it, then there are those who aren't using social media know they need to be. A lot of businesses have embraced social media but has it been worthwhile - yes of course you get more visitors to your website, more exposure, better brand awareness etc. What has this done to existing media and how does social media affect those?

Existing methods of advertising involved trying to grab someones attention - a billboard or a magazine or TV ad, and this is increasingly difficult and costly in today's hectic, busy marketplaces. I'm sure you already know the benefit of a customer talking a friend about a product they just purchased so there's no mileage in belaboring that point. What is important to take away is that social media has influenced existing channels and is changing the future of marketing.

Why does social media mean the future of marketing is changing? Well for starters it means business simply can not jump up and say "Here's my product why don't y'all buy it now" instead the business must engage and entertain their audiences in order to facilitate a discussion about their product. This isn't a bad thing, it just means we've got to be a little more creative and it doesn't matter who you are, creating something - anything will always bring enjoyment, pride or satisfaction.

A lot of businesses use social media but some almost always seem to make great profits - why? Not because they are pioneers or unscrupulous but because they are adaptable, they see an opportunity and seize it. The difference between great success and mediocre success is that you can't apply glib observations such as "Well, social media works for them so it will work for me" you have to be able see an opportunity and then have the drive to attain it. With great success comes great profits, so learn to be adaptable and you'll survive.

Gone are the days of "here i am" and here are the days of useful, engaging content which inspire discussion - this is where businesses are making profits!

Social media is a channel, and its one of the biggest and influential word-of-mouth advertising mediums we have ever known. Should we abandon all other marketing mediums and all hail social media channels - probably not, but we should certainly embrace social media and make it part of our lives - who knows it could enrich our existing tried and trusted methods and improve them. So it's not that the grass is greener on the other side, its just we're looking at a different type of grass!


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