Improve ROI with Fax MarketingLead generation can be expensive, especially if you then don't close the sale - you are literally hemorrhaging cash! Fax Marketing is in-expensive when you consider the volumes you can send out in comparison to other marketing methods such as email marketing or direct mail.  Email and direct mail are expensive in Australia and it can be difficult to quickly and easily tweak your campaign when its not working as well as anticipated. The beauty of fax marketing is that your campaign can be tweaked the day before it gets sent meaning you can react quickly and thus save money and improve ROI as you aren't paying for something that isn't working.

So, what is Fax Marketing?

Fax marketing is a marketing method used to send a flyer advertising your products and or services direct into a business that could benefit from what you have to offer.  Its been around since before Google existed, yes that's right before!  And is still just as successful today as it was way back when, this is possibly because all the digital noise email and social media have brought disperse our attention - fax marketing stands out as something different which is how you and your business get noticed!  Fax Marketing solves all three marketing constraints, well its really our down-to-earth advice and practical marketing knowledge that does that - but our fax broadcast services are the medium by which we can use our marketing skills to ensure you get new prospects calling you today.

Can I use Fax Marketing?

Really any size of business can utilize fax marketing to get themselves more prospects and improve their marketing ROI. Some businesses want to send out regular newsletters, stock clearance updates, event notices, and of course just sell products and services. The scope of what you can send is only limited by the combined imagination of you and ourselves, and our range of clients shows this as we regular work with business types such as property develops, funeral parlors, debt collectors, solar companies, newspapers and many more; so anybody with a product or service to sell can make use of fax marketing. Further, although fax marketing is purely B2B don't forget everyone who works in a business is also a consumer, so fax marketing can even work as an indirect B2C. Whatever the case fax marketing is another string in your bow and a great asset to your marketing strategy.

How easy is it?

Getting started with our fax broadcast services couldn't be easier - just call us and we'll walk you through the rest.  In a nutshell though this is how it works: we help you figure out your target market if you didn't know already - we have over 1.6 Million Australian businesses to choose from, so there's plenty of scope.  Next we work with you to create the right marketing message to send out you can have access to our team of in-house designers, or you could design it yourself.  Once we have these two things in the bag we create an appropriate schedule for you and send it out.  All you need to do is take the enquiries!

6 benefits our fax broadcast services can bring to you:

  1. Instant, applicable enquiries calling you as soon as the fax goes out
  2. Exact targeting of your market sectors with access to 1.6 million Australian businesses
  3. A full fax design service, if you need it otherwise our design tips should help you along
  4. Improved marketing ROI
  5. Quick order turn-around
  6. Results you can count on

We want to be a part of your success story so talk to us and we'll help you get started with fax marketing - call us today on: 1800 808 232

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