Getting Started with Fax Marketing

We know what works and how to improve ROI with fax marketing and how to get the most for your marketing dollar. So, we've boiled the whole process down to four fast and simple steps to getting your fax marketing campaign off the ground and your phones ringing with hot prospects!

Start today with step 1 and we can have your phone's ringing with enquiries as soon as tomorrow!  How's that for speed?


 Call us now on 1800 808 232 or send us an email, then we'll help you with the rest of the steps:


 WHO.  Let us know who your target market is. We've been experts in faxing for many years, so we can always help in targeting prospects in sectors you may have overlooked.


 WHERE.  Let us know where you want to do business - we can help you figure out where your catchment area is whether it be national, regional or maybe just a handful of postcodes.


 WHAT.  We work with you to get the right message to the right people - whether you produce the artwork and we give you some pointers on it, or we produce the artwork we'll make sure we are sending something out that we expect to get results!


Fax marketing has worked for thousands of Australian businesses and continues to do so every day, our client's testimonials tell us this regularly!

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