Marketing Strategy ChoicesA successful marketing strategy comes in many parts - just like a great meal!  Speak to our strategy experts for your recipe!

Do you really need a marketing strategy? The answer depends on your business goals - if you want a nice slow glide towards retirement (or liquidation) the answer is no. Whereas if you want a stellar expansion and a bigger salary then the answer is a resounding YES!

If you have ever wondered about marketing strategies or perhaps employed a strategy but didn't get any results you've hit the right page!

A marketing strategy is a lot like a restaurant meal - each element on the plate adds something to the completed dish whether it be flavor, colour or texture. This is exactly how you should view your new marketing strategy - you start out with a goal in mind such as make X amount of revenue in X amount of time, then each action you note down should contribute something towards that goal.

Since every business is unique the marketing strategy is always a tailored application even if the components don't change that much. For example we always include fax marketing in our proposals primarily because of the great ROI but mostly because we're experts at getting results from our fax broadcast services!

A successful marketing strategy takes time to perfect and almost always involves testing and tweaking to get the best out of it.  What worked 5 years ago may not work as effectively now and you should always be prepared to change direction or tweak your plans dependent on results. Marketing is results driven and can be measured by sales and revenues, if your marketing doesn't result in measurable increases in revenues alter it so it does.

Since home-baked marketing strategies will chew up a large amount of your time the best way you can get ahead and maximize the return is by calling us on 1800 808 232 - our strategy experts have more experience than you can shake a stick at!

If you really want to flex your marketing muscles we've provided you with a recipe below, and remember fax marketing is very cost effective so make sure you include our fax broadcast services as part of your strategy!

Marketing Strategy Recipe:

Preparation time - Varies from business to business but would be around one week

Cooking time - Varies but you should be prepared for this to be up to six months for best results - especially if preparing from frozen


  • A huge amount of unshakable belief in what you do
  • A healthy dose of imagination and creativity
  • Your marketplace clearly defined
  • A long range plan
  • A tested method of measuring response
  • A lean shoulder to lean on


  1. Take half of the imagination and creativity and add this liberally to the unshakable belief if what you do. Mix thoroughly until a high level of enthusiasm is achieved.
  2. Next take the clearly defined marketplace and combine with the long range plan. Lean on the shoulder identified to add extra flavour.
  3. Use the method of measuring response and mix this with the remaining healthy dose of imagination and continue to work until desired results have been achieved.
  4. Tweak and adapt and sit back and enjoy the results of your labours.

If you still need help with your marketing strategy we're here to help: 1800 808 232


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