Marketing Vs Advertising - What is the difference

Often the terms marketing and advertising are used as synonyms and thus confused one with another. Both advertising and marketing have merit in there own rights and neither are necessarily more important than the other it is important to understand the clarification between the two.  If only to avoid being caught out by some know-it-all Advertising and Marketing guru!.  

So, what's the best way to separate the meanings of marketing and advertising? 

One way is to think of marketing would be as follows: it is that which a business does in order to build an on-going relationship between the business and its clients.  If this is how marketing should be thought of, then advertising would be: that which promotes the brand awareness and enhances the public relations of the business.  This can be expanded into such divisions as customer support and sales strategies as well as others, but this is just the basic difference between the two words.

Why is marketing important? 

A chief reason that marketing has so much importance in businesses is that marketing is how most businesses get the majority of their prospects and customers to a qualified lead stage.  If only we could expect people to stroll into our workplace and request our products or services we would be in clover; the stark fact is the very few, if any people are going to turn up on your doorstep and request your product or service - they just don't know who you are or what you are selling!  Marketing could be crudely referred to as a lead generation if we are aiming for a simplistic definition - but don't ever say that to a marketing manager unless you are ready for a stern lecture!

So, what is Advertising?

Advertising is how the rest of the world perceive you as a business, its what your customers think of your service and your support and how well supported you are in your community.  Further though, even your product pricing and sales procedures comes under the umbrella of advertising because what customers and prospects perceive of your pricing and manner in which their enquiries are dealt with affect their perception of you as a company.  For example, if you are vastly priced above your competition the consumer could go one of two ways: either they think you are offering a better product, or they are under the impression you are skinning them.  The handling for this is of course is bit of market research to find out what the perceived value of your product or service is; this again is something that falls under the category of advertising!

Do i need both marketing and advertising?

Yes, to be a successful business you need to invest time and resources into both, though opinions will vary greatly we believe its best to concentrate on marketing since this produces sales and thus cash flow.  On a scale the small business need to weight their attention towards marketing with some thought towards advertising.  Whereas a medium or large business needs to split their efforts in order to get the sales (marketing) and keep the hard won clients (advertising)

How does fax marketing work with all this?

Fax marketing is a form of B2B Marketing which allows you to get straight through to the prospects you need to reach in order to advertise your products and services.  Many people believe that fax marketing is a shotgun approach, and although it can be used in such manner effectively it can also be said that a successful fax campaign also includes Targeted Marketing to get through to the ideal clients with a greater ROI.  If you really want to get ahead of the game you need to focus on Marketing Strategies rather than focusing on one particular channel of marketing or advertising.  Fax marketing should play a role in your marketing strategy because it gives you a quick response - phones ring instantly, and it is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising you can get!

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