Get Results with Fax Marketing

Would it be an overstatement to suggest that fax marketing is the best thing since sliced bread?  We don't think so...

There are a couple of different options that you can take when deciding how best to target your prospects, We can help you decide which approach is best based our our experience. We have worked with a huge diversity of clients in helping them achieve their marketing goals. All of that experience and knowledge is at your disposal! 

You may choose a carpet bombing approach where you do not exclude particular industry types or location.  This can be a really effective approach and can reap huge rewards but may not be appropriate for your business type.  This approach works best where you have a product or service to advertise that is appealing to a wide ranging audience.  It works well for anyone selling to consumers generally, so Property Investment, Retail products or tradies.

Carpet bombing also works well for industries that all businesses require such as Accountants, Solicitors, Debt Collection or Stationery etc.  It allows you to get in front of a huge number of prospects quickly and easily - far more than a telemarketing campaign allows and much more cost effectively than a mail out would prove to be.

If on the other hand you sell a very specific product to a very specific market then a more targeted approach may be what is needed to ensure the advertising of your product is the most effective it can be.  Advertising and marketing to your specific target may prove slightly more time consuming but the results compensate for this!

Both fax and email can be targeted or non specific with you able to choose geography (even down to postcode targeting) and/or industry type.  With a really clever creative design we can make sure that once you get in front of your prospect they will want to know more!   

Whichever is most appropriate for you and your business our team of experts at Prospect Marketing can assist you in delivering a message to the right audience.  If you are not sure which is the best way to go then a test and measure exercise may be in order - just ask and we will talk you through how best to do that!




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