We first started working with FaxMonkey about 2 years ago when we undertook our first ever fax marketing campaign.  

In that time we have been impressed at the honesty that we have had from Tanya, in particular but also the rest of the team.  Quite often when dealing with people who are selling you a service you know that you aren't always being told the absolute truth but you accept that as part of the game, that is not the case here!

If what you want is a straight forward, no nonsense answer then ask Tanya the question - but beware, not always to be consumed by the faint hearted!

Her direct approach has saved me money and increased results from my campaigns, she isn't afraid of saying what others merely think but does it in such a way you know she is helping and it is because she cares about the outcome of your faxing.

Thank you for your honesty and for your advice!

Christine Murray, Nekeema.


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