The Fax machine has been around for a long time, it was invented by a gent named Alexander Bain in 1843. Usually something that has been around that long has something going for it!

The fax marketing industry has seen it's fair share of comings and goings with new companies starting up almost on a monthly basis.  Some of these companies have what it takes to make it but many are naive enough to think that because they know something about marketing and advertising that they can deliver the sort of results for clients that will ensure their longevity. 

FaxMonkey has been delivering results for clients for over 8 years and is proud of it's history.  Our aim is to deliver a great product for a fair and reasonable cost and every day we strive to achieve this.  

We are in an extremely competitive industry and you will find the costs involved vary from company to company.  Marketing is a bit like restaurant food - you can go to a high street take away and get a perfectly adequate dinner for a fraction of what it would cost you to go to a Michelin rated restaurant.  But which one is going to offer you the best quality ingredients and the best chefs to prepare your food? Which is most likely to deliver the most memorable experience (for all the right reasons) and ensure your every need is met?

Faxing is a lot like that.  There are many options but if you are looking for some straight forward, down to earth advice and guidance then you need to talk to us.  We know our stuff and are happy to impart that knowledge and experience to you. Advertising and Marketing can be confusing and faxing can fall into that category.  There is some legislation which applies directly to faxing - we implement this in full.  Feel free to have a look at our simplified version of the Fax Legislation, broken down into exactly what you need to know.  (If you don't choose us to do your fax marketing for you please do make sure your fax broadcaster complies with the legislation.  If not both you and they can be in serious strife!)

In the last couple of years faxing has become far more sophisticated from a technical point of view.  It is simple and straightforward for you, the client, but in order to deliver the absolute best service and one which gets clients enquiries our systems and technical infra structure has undergone some serious surgery!

Our entire service is in house, we don't out source any aspect of our delivery (other than the fax lines, of course) and this is becoming rarer within the industry. It of course means we have complete control of all of the jobs that we deliver and rather than having to speak to a third party and await a response our reaction is instantaneous. 

With the legislation mentioned above, faxing has become the new black and the industry has certainly become a less irritating one to many!  We look forward to many more years delivering our clients messages to hundreds of thousands fax machines each week.


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