Our team has a combined experience of 80 years experience in marketing and getting the best for clients.  This eclectic bunch know their stuff, and if you wants real tangible results from your marketing then these are the guys that can make it happen!



Managing Director

An affable character with a keen sensibility.  Colin has been managing businesses to success since starting out in his formative years.  With extensive experience in the marketing industry in several countries, Colin is ideally suited to the role of Managing Director of a marketing company.


Operations Technician

A results driven easy going fellow with excellent customer service.  Brendan has been with the business since it began despite not looking old enough!  Now in charge of delivering the marketing he focuses on getting the most for the clients.  With a strong sales background he isn't afraid of talking to clients - something hard to come by with technical people!

See what Brian thinks of Brendan....



A pleasant and humorous lady.  Medina is in charge of crunching our numbers; drawing directly on her extant university accounting studies makes her the ideal candidate to keep the books in order. A stickler for the finer points, Medina keeps us all on the straight and narrow.


Strategic Alliance Adviser

A stern but very likable chap.  Despite his young appearance Tom has a wealth of experience in human resources and making sure the end user gets the right results! This enables him to be very efficient in guiding clients and ensuring that we can do the most for every dollar they spend.


Strategic Alliance Adviser

A light spirited and cheerful lady Jacqui can often be heard singing to herself.  Jacqui has a broad knowledge of marketing and advertising and loves to listen - something essential when talking to clients and a rare quality indeed!

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