6 myths about fax marketing

1. I'll make a million in the first month with fax marketing - NOPE!

All marketing is a balance between quantity and quality but more than that the success of your fax marketing campaign depends on many variables such as what you are offering, who you offer it to and how many prospects you are reaching out to. Faxing can improve your marketing ROI since it's inexpensive, but unless you are selling high profit items like home investments the best thing to do is manage your expectations and keep the marketing rolling. Sure, you'll make some nice profits and quickly too, but fax marketing isn't an over-hyped get-rich-quick scheme - it's just another method of attracting new customers.

2. Fax broadcast services is an old technology.  Yes:

You bet, fax marketing has been around for a very long time - in fact before Google and Facebook even existed! Sometimes though the tried and trusted methods are still valid; for example in the restaurant industry some time ago deconstructed food was all the rage - finding such items as a deconstructed black forest gateaux or apple pie. However, that phase has been and gone and what do you have left - Grandma's pavlova recipe continues on through time! The same goes for faxing, new marketing methods crop up all the time but the truth of the matter is that faxing is here to stay - its already stood the test of time!

3. Fax marketing works for all businesses.  No:

If you ever find a one-size-fits-all marketing solution please let us know; we've looked hard for many years and never found one.  Fax marketing doesn't work for all businesses, specifically those who operate in an extremely niche market with little scope to expand.  There are however many businesses that faxing works for though, and the chances are that we've already worked with someone in your field of business and thus have the knowledge to help you create a fax campaign that really blows the doors off!

4. A fax broadcast is shotgun marketing.  No:

Well, it depends on what you are offering, if you sell orange widgets which anyone can use then yes fax marketing could be described as a shotgun approach.  On the other hand you can also get very specific about who you send to, again it comes down to what you have for sale and who your target market is.

5. Fax marketing is expensive. No:

When directly compared to email marketing or direct mail, fax marketing very much has the upper hand. Of course volume scales apply as they do in most marketing mediums but the real benefit with fax marketing is that it is flexible enough to change and tweak the campaign and its not expensive to try expanding your reach into new business sectors - something which can be very costly with other mediums.

6. Fax broadcasting is fast.  Absolutely!

Not only is a fax quick to deliver your fax marketing campaign can hit the streets the very next day.  Further, its very direct - you get your business flyer direct into you target's hand and the result of that is the phones ringing almost immediately after the fax has gone out, or people checking out your website.

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